Welcome soccer junkies!

Welcome to my website about women’s soccer around the world! I started to build this site because of my newly learned understanding and knowledge about WordPress. This internet networking service supports millions of websites and allows an individual the tools to be dynamic and creative. WordPress acts as a host for websites, and gives me in particular the ability to share my knowledge, experiences and thoughts on the game I love, soccer. On my site there will also be information, stories and updates on world-class and influential players across the globe. First-hand I have seen how this game can influence and inspire women and girls around the world and it’s crucial that soccer lovers/fans have a website they can go visit to learn, explore and enjoy women’s soccer.


Image by Valerie Simon


Image by US Soccer






My love and passion for the game has made me into a type of person that is hardworking, driven and tenacious. I understand that if you want something in life you have to have the courage to go out and make it happen. I have lost many soccer games in my life, but it is those moments of defeat where I learn the most. I know if I give my best every single day there is a place in soccer history waiting for my future team, teammates, and self. In order to be the best you have to surround yourself with the best, and through my travels and my journey I can use what I have learned and help the future of the game for girls all over the world because I have been lucky enough to be around class people and players. This websites is for all ages and for all levels of soccer players. I hope educating and familiarizing people about women’s soccer around the world will help the growth and development of this sport.


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