More information on my catchy header photo!

My website header contains two images that I acquired over my travels with the US National soccer team. My main photo is an image of myself walking on the game pitch prior to playing Japan in an international friendly. It was in last May that this photo was taken and the location of this match was all the way across the world in Papua New Guinea. My journey  to PNG with the national team was by far one of the most memorable soccer trips of my entire life. The people, culture and overall atmosphere was so different than anything I have ever experienced before. Playing in a stadium of this size filled with the locals chanting, “GO mighty mighty USA” was unbelievable. The second image is a photo of my teammates huddled up listening to our head coach speak prior to one of our training session.s What I love about this photo is how all of our attention is on our coach. Soccer is a beautiful game in my opinion because you are able to learn from certain coaches (soccer guru’s) who likely have an immense love and passion for the sport. What also makes this photo so amazing is knowing your teammates to your left and to your right are there for you and always have your back. The most successful teams I have been apart of are the ones where there was an incredible amount of trust between the players. We battle for each other, we sacrifice for each other, and we play for each other. These images were chosen for the reason that they mean so much to me and my journey up until this point in my career. 

The images were combined using Pixlr. Prior to Pixlr I decided to edit my smaller image to black and white. It complimented my stadium photo well, and my teammates faces in the black and white filter are really emphasized, which makes it catchy and cool. I found the second photo to fit perfectly in the sky of the stadium picture when I combined the two images on Pixlr. I acquired these photos from our photographer named JK Wilson who took these photos on our trip to PNG. He is an exceptional photographer and he was kind enough to put all the photos he took on a flash drive for us so we all could have them. These photos illuminate women’s soccer, and with a little more information you can see specifically how these images tie in women’s soccer around the world because of where the photos were taken.


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