Podcast Introduction

Creating my own personal podcast introduction was quite an experience. It was filled with happy, frustrating, satisfying and stressful moments. When all was said and done I have never been so relieved to post something I worked so hard on. I hope my listeners appreciate my effort and understand I put my best foot forward when creating my podcast introduction. Over the several hours of time I spent figuring out audacity, finding the right song for my background, writing my script, recording my script and uploading it to Sound Cloud I was completely bought in to finishing the assignment and doing it right. Despite all the challenges I faced along the way I was really appreciative for all the tutorials and helpful sites that I was able to use when I hit a bump in the road during this entire process.

With music fading in and out, a self-introduction and an introduction to my topic of discussion my goal was to leave the listeners or “soccer junkies” with a solid sense of what to expect by tuning into my podcast. My hopes are to interview world-class female soccer players from all around the world and have them share their journeys. These are the players that compete and bring their best every day and there are so many youth soccer players that can learn so much from them. I’m lucky enough to be at a point in my life where I am in contact with some of the top players to play this game, and that is through my experiences with the National Team. In a few days I am off to compete with the U23 WNT in La Manga, Spain and there I will be able to talk with many up and coming topnotch professional players from several different nations.  



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