Screencasting Introduction

Screencasting.. wow! I am totally impressed with what you are able to achieve by using it! Never have I used such a system like this to create a video that could be this informational. As a visional learner myself, navigating through the NWSL and UEFA Champions League website will provide all of you women’s soccer fans out there with two quality resources that can help one stay up to date with the latest news on this sport globally.

Not only are these websites available for the fans, but they also provide information for the teams, players, coaches and staff members in both leagues. With rosters, video clips, full matches, and weekly updates on injuries, schedules, suspensions, ect. these websites are often visited by the people involved in the league as well.  It’s essential to stay on top of all that is happening in one’s respective league, so therefore teams are putting themselves in the best position to be successful in their matches.

As a current collegiate player and U23 Women’s National Team player, I have hopes to join my teammates on the U23WNT in the NWSL or overseas by this time next year. My dream is to be a professional soccer player and represent our country on the biggest stage. I always tell people, you can probably find me on a soccer field somewhere, and that is because soccer is what I love to do and it is my passion. Playing, growing, learning, reaching goals, winning, losing all of it is part of my journey to one day being the best soccer player I can be. I hope to inspire others through the way I practice and play, and one day I hope to see my name on the roster of one of those professional teams on the two websites we explored.


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