The Importance of Leadership

Recently, I have enrolled in more leadership classes this semester because I think it is vital for me as an athlete and coach to have a background in ethical and intelligent leadership. The qualities and skills of an effective leader can have such a positive effect on people, and that is why this week we are going to look at two empowering and influential websites that incorporate female soccer. The first is Olympic gold medalist and ESPN/ABC Broadcaster Julie Foudy’s leadership academy site. She focuses on two overlapping components, sports and leadership and how both complement each other. The goal of the JFSLA is to expose students to not just being leaders on the field but also leaders in life. I compared Julies website to another website called Empowered Girls Soccer. This site uses the game to shape girls into better players, while also strengthening their self-worth, competitive spirit and leadership skills. Together both of these websites encourage female athletes to be leaders. They provide the necessary tools and opportunities through camps and classroom sessions to have a strong sense of self, confidence and the attitude to face challenges and grow as players, people and leaders.


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