Equal Play, Equal Pay Meme

Hey soccer junkies! As you all know, memes have become increasingly popular and can spread rapidly by internet users. The meme above is congratulatory, supportive and powerful. The US Women’s National Team has proven with World Championships and Olympic gold medals that we are one of the best female soccer playing nations in the world. Since the USWNT has had so much success they feel it is only fair that they receive the same salaries and financial benefits as our US Men’s National Team. Their frustration stems from the fact that they have had much more success than the USMNT, yet they are paid considerably less.

A meme like this one has spread virally because of the strong arguments that certain big name players like Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and Hope Solo have publically stated. The wage discrimination despite the equal work and more success from the woman than men is why memes like this can be very beneficial to support or spread important information.

Now a day, you will find that many sports teams and coaches in the fitness and health field will use memes as way to promote team events or for coaches to provide information to the public. The meme I found is user-made and is promoting the Equal Play for Equal Pay campaign the USWNT started. Today they are still pushing for equal treatment ,and the ultimate goal is to rove that people should be treated the way they deserve to be treat no matter their gender.

Image by: thelearnedfangirl


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