Image by Erin Miller

The goal of this website is to better familiarize you with women’s soccer around the world as well as give you a look into my journey and where soccer has taken me and what it has done for me. You will be provided with an overall view of the impact soccer has in the United States and internationally. Soccer has evolved tremendously in the women’s game and its popularity has grown significantly. This site will keep you informed on the growth and progress from dominate soccer nations to soccer in third-world countries. The growth of the game is so important to me because of where soccer has allowed me to go, see and do, it has made me into the person I am today and I am so confident that the lessons it has taught me will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Soccer is more than just a game for many women and girls around the world, it is their passion in life and as you can see it certainty is mine. Every soccer player has a slightly different journey in their playing career, and it is so valuable for those journeys to be shared to youth players. Here you will read stories and follow the best to ever play this game, and see the importance of their work ethic, confidence, drive, discipline and determination. These qualities make them exceptional soccer players but better people and role models for girls around the world. I will share some of my own experiences as well in the hopes to be a role model for little soccer players in my community and all over the world.

Score updates, league standings, profiles of players, development of the game and real life stories from myself and players around the world will be available on this website. Welcome to women’s soccer around the world and see how this beautiful game can change lives.

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